.....from Barry's Bunker.....

(with thanks to Harry The Cat)

Newspaper Headlines

Survivor of Siamese twins joins parents
Blind woman gets new kidney from dad she hasn't seen in years
Never withhold herpes infection from loved one
Smokers are productive. But death cuts efficiency
Death causes loneliness, feelings of isolation
Stolen painting found by tree
Dealers will hear car talk Friday at noon
Victim tied, nude policeman testifies
Judge to rule on nude beach
Complaints about NHL referees growing ugly
Police discover crack in Australia
Caribbean islands drift to left
Women's movement called more broad-based
Men recommend more clubs for wives
Dr. Ruth to talk about sex with newspaper editors
Grandmother of eight makes hole in one
Two convicts evade noose; jury hung
Drunk gets nine months in violin case
Farmer Bill dies in house
Iraqi head seeks arms
Prostitutes appeal to Pope
Enraged cow injures farmer with ax
Hitler, Nazi papers found in attic